The Bold Black Edition Designer Socks

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      When you want a classic black dual-toned sock with the most comfortable fit, nothing comes close to skin friendly Man Arden The Bold Black Edition Designer Socks. This is a sought after assorted pattern design in our latest collection of Professionally Fancy Fits. Get a highly comfortable and soft fit giving you a great luxury experience. Man Arden socks are made from top-quality European quality yarn and designed using prestigious latest technology.

      The polychromaticblack tone will be the best match for most of your outfits and shoes. Sport your most sophisticated look with the Man Arden socks made from top quality cotton using top-notch raw materials, which are moisture-wicking and keep your skin dry and comfortable even for day-long wear. 

      These must-have wardrobe essentials are so versatile that they can go with casual and formal outfits. When standing out and giving your best foot forward is important, Man Arden The Bold Black Edition Designer Socks are the right choice. The socks are antibacterial and anti-odor

      Technical Vision


      The finest quality & designed Socks are made with Egyptian Quality Cotton that is a many-faceted & body-responsive fabric.


      The antimicrobial finish will let your feet feel super fresh and odour-free even on long days.


      Go airy on the feet! You’ll literally forget you are wearing something on your feet.

      Fits All Sizes

      These amazing Socks are crafted with the fabric that attains a 4 way stretch thereby making it a fit-to-strap wardrobe accessory!

      Socks seem to be the most simple & elementary clothing item but let you an unannounced fun fact, socks are actually one of the convoluted items of clothing to make well. We have a wide range of designer socks & each pair is stitched to consummation using a circular knitting method; stitch by stitch following row by row. This is an elemental fact that the smaller and tighter each stitch encases, the better quality the sock is accomplished. While crafting these Designer must-have Socks we use the highest needle count permitted to ensure our stitches are as compressed & dense as possible. The advanced mesh knitting technology enables us to achieve intricate patterns, feeding multiple vibrant colours into each knitted line.

      Thinking of the quality? We prioritize your comfort. That is why we have chosen Egyptian Quality yarn to manufacture this pair of socks. The finest cotton fabric makes these socks soft and skin-friendly. Go airy on the feet! The professionally fit socks are elastic mesh socks available in free men’s size for covering more than the over the calf length to give you a great experience with the highest comfort.


      • Composition: Egyptian Quality Premium Cotton 80%, Spandex & Elastane 20%
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Over The Calf
      • Size: One Size
      • Wash In Cold Water
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry


      Q1. Are Man Arden socks made from synthetic materials?
      Q2. Are the socks comfortable?
      Q3. Do they have anti odor design?
      Q4. Why are they a good choice for my wardrobe?
      Q5. Can I wear it on formal occasions or casual outings?
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      Comfortable and snug fit, perfect for all-day wear. Highly breathable and loved the soft cotton fabric!


      Finally found full length socks that don't slip down. Comfortable and practical – great for casual as well as formal days!


      Classy pair of socks that goes well with all formal outfits. The fit is superb! Also the color does not fade away after wash. Highly recommended.


      Breathable and feel like second skin. Say goodbye to sweaty feet! These socks keep you cool with their breathable cotton fabric – a must for all-day comfort.