The London Edition Designer Socks

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      Unforeseen eyes on stalks with this Man Arden Pair Of Socks are definite! The fun-floating design with coloured splash raises your enthusiasm to enjoy the cozy gentility. Wear them for everyday charm and comfort. Hang on to the classy pair all day for indoor and outdoor use. You can pair them with your sneakers, or formal shoes, they just compliment any of your outfit perfectly. Unimaginable soft touch holds to your feet with the graciousness of the world’s finest cotton craft.

      The uniquely designed & coloured socks uplift your spirit to use them everyday. The Y-stitched heel design and soft bends right through keep your feet in the right place within a comfortable space. Enjoy the warmth yet with a cooler breathable space free from sweat and moisture, thanks to the Quick Dry moisture-absorbing sock fabric. The trendy design of our socks give a comforted & mesmerized feel.

      The Socks remain in the right position to let you out the grabbing tensions. Guzzling a stretchable power, our socks stay well and allow the best fit for all. You’ll experience that great freshness all-day as they are odour-free. Slay them as you like!


      Technical Vision

      4-Way Stretch

      The finest quality cotton fabric of these socks is stretchable in four directions to allow body-responsive fitness.

      Odor-free Comfort

      Remain fresh on the feet for long hours – the socks are odor-free and put away bad smells of sweat and dust.

      Lighter Pleasure

      Stay as if you have not worn the socks – they are super lighter and quill-like.

      Single Fit For All

      As the quality material we used is stretchable and has an elastic mesh, this single-sized socks pair is fit for all.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      The Socks are a criterion of perfect crafting. Socks seem to be the most simple & underlying piece of clothing but they are one of the most puzzling items of clothing to craft. We have a wide array of designer socks & each pair is stitched to perfection using a circular knitting method; stitch by stitch leading row by row to attain completion. This is an archetype that the tighter each stitch closes, the better quality the sock is attained. While crafting these Socks we use the cardinal needle count possible to make sure our stitches are as dense as possible. The prodigious mesh knitting technology ensures us to achieve complex patterns, feeding multifarious vibrant colours into each knitted line.

      Avail the pleasure of socks that aren’t heavy or bulky – enjoy the lighter fun of these calf-length socks. Pick the striped fashionable pair & club it with any of your attire for a hassle-free and comfy going out.


      • Composition: Egyptian Quality Premium Cotton 80%, Spandex & Elastane 20%
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Calf-Length
      • Wash gently in cold water without twisting
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry
      • 4-Way Stretchability
      • Lighter & Breathable
      • Convenience Ease
      • Odour-Free
      • Moisture-Absorbable


      Q1. What material is used to make the socks?
      Q2. Can I use machine-wash to maintain them?
      Q3. Are they suitable for everyday use?
      Q4. Do they fall off when I walk or run?
      Q5. Are these socks made of natural or synthetic fabric?
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      Ordered these to ensure comfortable wear all day. These cotton socks are so good! I feel amazing wearing them! want to order more.