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      Style complements grace, and grace is the epitome of confidence. Add Man Arden Socks to your wardrobe and boost your style and grace quotient. Bask in the comfort of these quality socks to ace everyday challenges with a renewed swagger to your gait. No more ambiguities are leftover with this stylish cum comfort-based Man Arden socks pair. Those sweat issues and improper fittings can really make your socks irritable. Now, these socks put an end to such hassles – wear the socks with a sweat-absorbable and quick-drying mode.

      Enjoy the Y-stitched heel-designed socks that fit appropriately well over the calf. Right from the tip of the toes to the calf, you’ll have a pleasing and airy comfort all day even if you stay indoors or outdoors. Get hold of the warm feeling with the best matching shoes to have an awesome formal bold and informal styling look!!

      Man Arden’s stripe and colorful socks look like patterned ones when worn over your shoes. It’s unwise to miss the cosy socks pair as it’ll be beneficial to have a 2-in-1 use of professional and casual use through a single pair. The feasible fitness and appropriate size adjustment with the stretchability and elastic meshed performance draw anyone, also those who have larger feet. Grab the chance to wear these socks with any shoe model so as to enhance the accessory appeal by matching them with any outfit.

      • Finest Egyptian Quality Cotton Yarn 
      • Stay-Up Technology 
      • Y-Stitched Heel Design 
      • Moisture-Absorbing Nature
      • Odor-free Comfort 

      Technical Vision

      Ultralight and Breathable

      The socks are so light in weight that you feel comfortable and airy. There’s no chance for the air to get stuck within the fabric as it meshes in a breathable way.

      Stretchable 4 Ways

      All through the four sides, the socks can be stretchable and allow better feasibility to wear. You’ll not feel the socks stuck when moving it up over your calf.

      Odor-Free Nature

      The Egyptian Cotton material is sweat-absorbable and does not let the bad odor from the socks. This way, it keeps your feet and calf not only comfortable but also safe and healthy.

      Feasible Size

      Irrespective of your foot size, this pair of socks is suitable for all with its feasible size. This comes with the amazing Stay-Up technology and 4-way Stretchable designed fabric.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Though seeming to be trivial, the socks accessory has an appealing impact on your apparel. The well-designed socks pair from Man Arden has excellence in stitch-by-stitch making. Its Egyptian cotton fabric undergoes knitting and stitching through advanced knitting machinery completely row by row with finer and denser needle counts for the best-meshable look and appearance. The more finer the stitches, the better the socks – these are not tearable. The knitted lines over each vibrant color are also finer for a better appeal and pattern.

      You can’t go out unless you wear the right shoe companion – this pair of socks is a well-suitable stylish accessory for your shoes to have an alluring appeal. Join the socks slaying with any shoe model and outfit to sync with a formal and casual appearance. Wear those unloosening socks that fit and stay right with Stay-Up technology and a Y-stitched heel design. Keep yourself cosy, warm, fit, and comfortable with this ultimate socks pair. And yes, enjoy the satisfaction of the socks’ catchy appearance everywhere you go for any occasion or event.


      • Composition: Egyptian Quality Premium Cotton Fabric
      • Product Style: Smart Socks with Striped Pattern
      • Length: Over The Calf
      • Size: One Size
      • Wash In Cold Water
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry


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      Q4. Do the socks get torn after a few months?
      Q5. Why should I add them to my wardrobe?
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      Very Good

      These full length socks are made from great quality fabric. These socks feature anti-odour, breathable and quick drying fabric. These socks do not get loose or out of shape even when they are washed for more than 1 time.