Shaving Foam For Sensitive Skin, 200g

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      Shaving Foam For Sensitive Skin

      Man Arden Shaving Foam is an ideal formulation for men with sensitive skin who are susceptible to razor burns and breakouts. The lubricant in the shaving foam can help hydrate the beard area while reducing irritation and damage to the skin. It is infused with botanical extracts that are well-tolerated by the delicate skin. It contains a blend of ingredients that may help protect sensitive skin from pathogens. The moisturizing ingredients present in Man Arden Shaving Foam can help reduce shaving cuts and soothe irritated skin. You will feel a cooling sensation due to the presence of menthol in the Shaving Foam as the lather envelops your beard area.

      Tea Tree Oil:It has a moisturising effect that may help reduce itching, redness and soothe irritated skin.

      Menthol:It gives a cooling sensation that can help soothe irritated skin.

      Citronella Oil:It helps regulate sebum production and remove excess oil from your hair and skin. It may also help reduce acne breakouts.

      Aloe Vera Extract: It penetrates into the skin and helps keep your beard area and skin underneath moisturised.

      Power of Tea Tree Oil & Menthol

      Your beard area would feel supple and smooth after washing off the shaving foam. It is specially made for people with sensitive skin. It is an alcohol-free product. The use of Man Arden Shaving Foam doesn’t let your skin feel dry and tight after shaving. Man Arden Shaving Foam has not been tested on animals. It is a PETA-certified, cruelty-free product.


      1. First, shake the can strenuously before use. Hold the can upright and press the nozzle, letting the foam out on your palm.
      2. Spread the foam appropriately on the beard area.
      3. Now it’s time to shave. Rinse it off with clean water thoroughly.


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      I cut myself while shaving my facial hair. And that cut hurts the following time I shave. I chose this shaving lotion to ease the discomfort brought on by the blade. The cream soothed as I had hoped, and the pain was now gone.


      Till now I am using the shaving cream for shave as I thought that applying the foam on face for few seconds can never be softens the beard in comparison of shaving cream. This time I thought to give it a try to shaving foam.
      Surprisingly it gave the smooth shave and cooling effect after the shave.
      Great experience.
      Thanks Man Arden


      This shaving foam makes the exercise all the more easier and possible. I like the way things turn out every time. I am happy with how good my skin feels and how refreshing the natural ingredients are.


      I’ve ordered this shaving foam since it acts smooth on my skin and prevents any cuts. Get a comfortable shaving experience with this product devoid of harsh chemicals that are not suitable for sensitive skin.


      The shaving foam is the best for me. It makes things so much easier. After I bought the product, I didn’t expect much from it. after using it for two months, I only have great things to say about it.