Spry Striped Socks Collection, Regular Length

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      Why not enjoy the savings on your socks essentials, the must-have items wanted in bulk? This Man Arden’s socks set box gives you 3 fancy and professional stylish socks – one with chocolate shaded stripes, blue and yellow-shaded stripes, and black bold stripes. Woven with the finest Egyptian Quality cotton, these socks remain ultimately smooth and soft, you’ll never wish to miss the quickie dry and moisture-wicking comfort. The combo pack keeps spare pairs in hand and lets you use the 3 pairs for professional and casual use.

      No worries now to search for the other classy style of socks! Man Arden keeps you ever ready with this box of three socks which are all your favorite with classy stripes. The three pairs of official and casual designs bring an awesome appearance when worn with any shoe model. Slay the socks which fit any occasion. Never mind about the comfort and fitness; our Y-stitched heel design keeps your sole in the right place. Get comfortable with the Stay-Up technology that aligns it upright without loosening and falling. Thanks to the finest quality and sweat-absorbing nature that keeps you away from the dreadful stinking bad odor or bacterial growth; stay safe and healthy!!

      Highlighted Features

      Ultralight and Breathable

      The socks stay upright without falling off with the advanced Stay-Up and Non-Slip technology.

      Stays Upright

      The socks stay upright without falling off with the advanced Stay-Up and Non-Slip technology.

      Odor-Free & Comfortable

      Slay the socks as long as you want – there’s no sweat or bad odor stuck! The sweat-absorbability & quick dry means keep your feet dry and fresh.


      Now, you don’t show the irritation of the socks on your face! The cotton fabric is a skin-friendly material that maintains your feet away from rashes, irritation, and itching.

      We Take Care of Every Minor Detail

      Comfortable makeup of the socks matters a lot; it’s not that trivial a job. Appropriate advanced knitting technologies and next-level sewing approaches blended with the stylish design are now essential to keep your foot safe and keep your face ever smiling. The finer and denser row by row stitching methods assuring a circular knitting method allows for perfectly woven socks. Blended vibrant colors of these socks pairs syncing with right knitting lines showcase the classy pattern absolutely well!

      No matter whether you’re going to an office, casual party, travel, camp, or sports performance, slay into this over-the-calf uniquely designed socks. Enjoy the spare sets, especially when you are on journeys, business camps, or holiday trips. The striped design throws a decent official look and cool casual appeal matching perfectly well with any outfit. Grab the set box to avail the excellence of saving, sparing, sharing, and not but not the least ever-ready comfort zone.


      • Composition: Egyptian Quality Cotton Fabric
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Over The Calf
      • Size: One single size
      • Wash In Cold Water
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry


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