The Dazz Club Designer Edition Ankle Length Socks

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      Steal the show at any casual party or family luncheon with this comb of three uniquely designed Man Arden’s ankle-length socks! Colored splashes of different patterns on the ankle-length socks raise your enthusiasm to enjoy the comfy experience. Go for this combo for everyday charm and comfort. Hang on to them all day for formal or casual use – club them with your sneakers, or formal shoes. Exceptionally soft and cushioned touch holds to your feet with the goodness of the world’s finest cotton craft.

      Distinctively designed ankle-length socks uplift your spirit to use them. No more worries if any – they are non-slip and fit comfortably onto the feet. The Y-stitched heel design and soft bends all through keep your feet just in place. Enjoy the warmth yet with a cooler breathable space free from sweat and moisture, thanks to the Quick Dry and moisture-absorbing properties of the fabric. The ergonomic design of our ankle socks gives the mesmerized feel that you desire for long-lasting use.

      These cotton socks themselves remain in the right position even after a full active day. Imbibing a stretchable feature, Man Arden socks stay well and allow the best suitable fit for all. You’ll experience that uncompromising freshness all-day as they are odour-free. Slay it with them, choose a pair that matches your outfit, and flaunt them all day.

      Technical Vision

      4-Way Stretch

      These cotton ankle socks are stretchable in four directions to allow body-responsive fitness and all-day comfort.


      Let your feet feel fresh and excited for long hours – these ankle-length socks are anti-odour. So they put away bad smells caused by sweat or dust.

      One Size Fits All

      As the cotton fabric we used is stretchable and has an elastic mesh, this single-sized socks pair is fit for all.

      Lightweight & Comfy

      Feel like a second skin – these ankle-length socks are lighter and quill-like so that you can carry on your regular or heavy physical workout.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Man Arden does not compromise in terms of the design and makeup of the daily-use must-haves that you can’t miss. Our team combines advanced stitching and knitting methods, row-by-row stitching means, and modern machinery for the desired final results. We’ve used high cardinal needle count measures to form denser, finer, and compressed stitches to ensure long-lasting use. The colors we blend into these socks for brilliant patterns are what give you the satisfaction you deserve.

      Ankle-Length socks from Man Arden aim to fill your wardrobe space with absolute style and comfort – they fulfill your everyday sock requirements. Slay them as you like all alone or club them with your casual or formal shoes. Grab this three-sock combo to enjoy soft solace when you are at home or anywhere else!


      • Composition: World’s Finest Quality Cotton
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Ankle-Length
      • Size: One size
      • Wash gently in cold water
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Right Grip
      • Cushioning Performance
      • Moisture-Absorbing
      • Soft & Smooth


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