The Dutch Vibe Designer Edition No Show Loafer Socks

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      Sockless pack inside!! Loafer socks, that give an ultimate sockless feel, make you fly high with joy and comfort. Man Arden escalates your delight with this loafer socks set box with three pairs of socks. Wear the boat-like no-show socks that position your ankle and entire foot in the right grip. Loot that new distinctive look and also fresh pleasant comfort for all-day use. Refresh yourself even with their bright appeal! The lovely red, green, and black colors with the black and white stripes over the forefront inspire you to pick them up everyday. Get the pack – wear them in less than a minute – and check out! That’s fun!!

      If you wish to have loafer socks to enjoy the no-show comfort and appeal, then switch to this Man Arden’s collection. Wear them quickly within no time – they’re easy to wear, stretchable, and adjustable to your foot size. Stay relaxed that your entire calf is not covered with the socks, however, you have that right grip at the ankle and the socks do not fall off – they are non-slip and adopt a stay-up technology. Leave your socks as they are once you wear them as they are ergonomic with the Y-stitched heel design and curved circular soft bends. No hassles of setting their position often – no disturbance in your activity! 

      Though they seem to be trivial, those sock-based issues of improper fit – tight or loose, slipping off and hurling during walks, stenchy sweat – bad odours, itching, and all do affect your mood and posture. Often, they may also cause stress and trouble in your workplace, fitness centre, or holiday fun. Man Arden’s loafer socks put an end to all these! The world’s finest quality cotton fabric for the socks is airy, lighter, and odor-free to maintain your feet in a fresh and cozy zone. A simple pack in your wardrobe – and avail a daily-wear habit of these socks – that’s done – you’re cool and fantastic anywhere with any type of casual or formal footwear!!

      Why Choose Man Arden Loafer Socks?

      4-Dementional Stretch

      The Man Arden’s no-show socks stretch as you like – this way or that way. Its four-way stretchable nature gives you an appropriate fit for one and all.

      Lightweight Fabric

      The socks are so light that you can wear them for a long time and enjoy them anywhere. Slay them for indoor comfort or outdoor physical activity.

      Breathable & Soft

      Neither dampness nor sweat deposits within your feet when you wear these loafer socks. The cotton fabric we used is breathable to allow better air circulation through it and keep the feet dry, clean, and fresh.

      Non-Slip & Hassle-Free

      Stay hassle-free without adjusting the position now and then – the socks are non-slip and stay up. They do not come out of the ankle position often and reassure that right grip.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Approach

      Never underestimate the sock-making, especially the crafting of loafer socks. Man Arden maintains a spectacular row-by-row stitching method to give a finer visual and smoother appearance to the socks. We’ve even advanced knitting techniques and machinery to add on elegant colors and patterns over the pure cotton fabric and loot your vision. With no compromise in standard make-up, we ensure proper denser and compressible stitches for a unique shape and design, for an ideal stronger touch, and even for regular wear & tear durability!

      Man Arden’s loafer socks set satisfies your adequate socks demands – the no-show style, the sweat-free and odor-free comfort, and superb visual charm. Slip into any of these three loafer socks pairs once you are ready with your outfit and enjoy a happy outing – business or casual! Abide yourself in the softness and warmth of our classy loafer socks ever!!


      • Composition: World’s Finest Quality Cotton
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Loafers-Length
      • Size: One size
      • Wash gently in cold water
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Right Grip
      • Cushioning Performance
      • Moisture-Absorbing
      • Soft & Smooth


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      Q6. Are these socks free-size? But, I have long feet. Can I use them?
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      Comfy and practical! These loafer socks are so soft and comfortable to wear, plus they're low-profile enough to stay hidden in my shoes. Love them!


      Breathable fabric and so comfortable. These no-show socks keep my feet cool and dry, even in warmer weather. The breathable cotton material is a game-changer.


      Perfect solution for a polished look without sacrificing comfort. These cotton socks stay hidden and keep my feet happy all day long. Highly recommend!