The Flee Beam Designer Edition Ankle Length Socks

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      Man Arden Ankle socks can be your go-to professional styling partner if you prefer comfort and style altogether in one. Opt for this combo of three Man Arden Ankle Socks to get ultimate comfort and an updated fashion quotient. While our choice of fabric sets us a class apart, our designers breathe life into it, making each pair of ankle socks a must-have in your closet.

      Man Arden socks are weaved with World’s Finest Cotton fabric to offer ultimate ease of wear and comfort. This cotton fabric is so great that neither it causes any irritation on the skin nor allows bacteria formation causing an unpleasant odor. Therefore, your feet also feel odor-free and fresh. No more worrying about excessive moisture or sweat! Our cotton ankle socks allow 100% air circulation and absorb moisture quickly.

      Finding that suitable fit is not so challenging with Man Arden Ankle Socks as they are made with stay-up technology and soft elastic. These cotton ankle socks never slip down; they delicately sit in their place for as long as you are wearing them. The heels also form a natural cup causing no irritation. Walk down the street without feeling any irritating stitch seam at the toe.

      Technical Vision


      We have made these ankle-length socks using World’s Finest Cotton Fabric that has a 4-way stretch to ensure a body-responsive fit.

      Odour Control

      These anti-bacterial socks prevent any bad odor and bacterial growth!

      Quick Drying & Moisture Absorbing

      These ankle-length socks are designed from quick dry and moisture-absorbing cotton. Thus, they can prevent excessive moisture from the skin.

      Common Size

      The one-size-fits-all Socks can be worn by any man of any size.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Stitching glitch-free socks seems simple but it needs a lot of effort and hard work, followed by advanced technology and a deep understanding of what people need. We use circular knitting means as it assists make each stitch fine, detailed, and dense. Keeping the maximum needle count is also essential as it makes the stitches dense and perfect. This modern knitting method makes it possible to make trendy and comfortable socks of alluring colors and unique patterns.

      If you are a big fan of stripes, then these designer socks are perfect for you! These exciting and stunning socks can relieve a happy spirit inside you with their gleaming colors. Wear these stunners to feel comfortable and stylish all day long! You get these ankle socks in free size.


      • Composition: World’s Finest Quality Cotton
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Ankle-Length
      • Size: One size
      • Wash gently in cold water
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Right Grip
      • Cushioning Performance
      • Moisture-Absorbing
      • Soft & Smooth


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