The Hike Hoe Designer Edition Ankle Length Socks

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      Gleaming colors and unique patterns of these socks can help you make a bold style statement! If you are ready to add exciting hues to your accessories wardrobe and walk down the streets with unmatched comfort and style, this comb of three ankle socks is perfect for you. Combined with eye-popping colors, these pairs of Man Arden Ankle Socks are not an afterthought for you! These socks are made with superior quality materials that are highly breathable, moisture-absorbing, and quick drying. Man Arden Ankle socks are a perfect combination of unmatched comfort and style. Made with World’s Finest Cotton Fabric to ensure your comfort all day long no matter what shoes or boots you choose to wear with them!

      You can slay any outfit with Man Arden Ankle Socks! Whether you are going on a casual outing or going to a party at work, these designer ankle socks are attention seekers for many people! These socks are made to ensure durability and comfort. The anti-microbial fabric used in socks can absorb all the moisture! No More stinky feet feeling after you remove your shoes.

      These ultra-lightweight and soft cotton Ankle Socks will feel like a second skin whenever you put them on. These breathable ankle socks feature Stay Up Technology which means you do not have to worry about pulling up your socks again and again. These socks have a Y-Stitched Heel, making them more stable and non-slip.

      Technical Vision

      4-Way Stretch

      These ankle socks are made using World’s Finest Cotton Fabric to ensure a 4-way stretch, non-slip & body-responsive fit.

      Odour Control

      The cotton fabric has anti-microbial properties that let your feet feel fresh, comfortable, and odor-free all day.


      Made from superior quality and lightweight cotton fabric, these men’s ankle socks will feel like a second skin when you put them on. The airy fabric will let the air pass through your skin and the socks.

      Fits All Size

      Man Arden Socks are made with a 4-way stretchable fabric thereby making them fit-for-all wear for men.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Although socks seem to be an underrated clothing accessory, but, in fact, they are one of the most challenging ones to build. At Man Arden, we have introduced a wide-ranging selection of ankle socks for men to ensure perfection using circular knitting methods; stitch by stitch following row by row. The denser each stitch encloses, the better quality socks are attained. While manufacturing these socks, we use the largest needle count to confirm the durability and quality of the stitches. The advanced mesh knitting method allows us to get unique designs, feeding gleaming colors into each knitted line.

      Man Arden Socks not just look better than others but are also capable of performing better than any other ankle socks! We are not just saying – just take a look at these main features of our ankle socks – 

      • Stay Up Technology Soft Elastic
      • Y-Stitched Heel with Natural Cupping Around The Heel
      • Invisitoe with no Irritation Stitching 
      • Anti-Odour and highly Breathable Fabric 
      • Moisture-Absorbing Material 

      Moreover, we have combined in-fashion patterns to ensure you can style them in any of your outfits. These lightweight socks are designed to be the first of their kind in India. The 4-way stretchable fabric makes these socks a perfect fit for all earnest gentlemen out there! 


      • Composition: World’s Finest Quality Cotton
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Ankle-Length
      • Size: One size
      • Wash gently in cold water
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Right Grip
      • Cushioning Performance
      • Moisture-Absorbing
      • Soft & Smooth


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