The Virile Vibe Socks Collection, Ankle Length

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      Hurry burry socks search is common for all!! Yet, don’t get stuck in searching for the right one as you have here the desired ankle socks that you need right now. This Man Arden’s Ankle Socks of 5-socks set box has five different colorful socks, each with unique patterns and designs to satisfy your bulk socks needs for formal or casual occasions. A stylish addition to the World’s finest Quality Cotton-made socks with a comfortable design makes them a complete complement to your favorite shoes!!

      Those busy gentlemen are much lovable to have these pairs – they are easy to wear within a minute. Their Y-stitched heel design keeps them in the natural cup-like sac to ensure the rest of the toes and ankle get slid into the right positions. We’ve made them non-slip to assure staying upright to your ankle – may you sit, stand, jump, or exercise – have fun with no more dragging over. 

      Stay cozy all the time you wear them with the breathable elastic mesh within the socks. Appropriate air circulation all through the skin leaves it dry and fresh all through. They’re odor-free too to help you go out with boosted confidence. Never will you annoy about the stink and socks problem that’s common for others! Comfort excellence with the totals of Quick-Dry Technology, Stay-Up Measure, and Odor-free Nature is quite enjoyable!

      Technical Vision

      4-Way Stretch

      The fabric of the socks is stretchable in all four ways to fit adjusting as per your foot’s contoured size and shape.


      Don’t worry if you have to wear them when engaged in heavy physical activities for a long time – they are as light as a feather.

      Airy and Comfortable

      The socks keep your skin in an airy space to remain it fresh and dry.


      No stinking smell follows you – the socks are odor-free and do not give bad odors of sweat, moisture-lock, or dirt.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Offering comfortable socks is not that easy. Man Arden accomplishes this with standard maintenance of stitch making. With finer stitches run row by row by the use of advanced knitting machinery, standard needles, and high needle count, we impose denser and compressed stronger stitches onto the World’s finest Quality Cotton fabric. The visibility, colored infusions, and designer patterns are, thus, put to excellence. We have crafted them in ankle-length in universal free size for fashionable use for all.

      Stay unique when you are at the office, family gathering, or at a peer party! Complete your attire with the matching socks pair from this five-socks set box. Slay your dearest one to show the stylish statement and drag your buddies’ eyeballs to your finer accessories!


      • Composition: World’s Finest Quality Cotton 80%, Spandex & Elastane 20%
      • Product Style: Smart socks.
      • Length: Ankle-Length
      • Size: One size
      • Wash gently in cold water without twisting
      • No Chlorine Bleach
      • Do Not Dry Clean
      • Do Not Iron
      • Do Not Tumble Dry


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