The Abloom Azure" PVC Leather Duffle Bag (Blue & White)

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      Travel made relief and elegant now with Man Arden’s new duffle bags. This bright Blue Duffle Bag, made of leatherette, is strong and colorful too! The white handles attached to the space make it highlighting and showy as well. Get comfortable even with its blue longer detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to carry the bag at your convenience. Grab the durable travel companion with huge space and capacity to easily stuff three to four men’s business suits.

      Bluish-hued Man Arden’s Duffle Bag brings you next-level comfort when going out for occasional business camps or everyday gym sessions. The stronger outer leather material with spacious design and efficient stitches enhance its durable and suitable use. It’s feasible to fill sufficient clothes and go out for a long weekend trip too. 

      Man Arden is so reachable to your safety satisfaction. It equips the bags with secured zippers – check-in to your vehicle with the lightweight bag enclosed safely with smooth-running zippers. The additional smaller compartment on the outer side allows you to keep the important essentials, papers, passports, or cards so that they are handy and you can take them out easily without effort when boarding. It upkeeps the bold professional elegance when held in your hands during business trips. 

      • Sufficient Storage Compartment
      • Outer Leather and Inner Soft Fabric Material
      • Men-Suitable Design 
      • Excellent Quality and Durability

      Technical Vision

      Feasible Classy Design

      Man Arden catches your classy style and 100% fulfills your travel desires through this elegant Bluish Duffle Bag. Its design is so simple yet classy to look in men’s stronger hands.

      Comfort In-Hands

      It’s baggage of comfort in hands with stronger leather and smooth cotton fabric inside. The untorn leathery material and softer cloth within gives you a good comfortable feel when packing and handling the bag.

      Sufficient Space

      The bag is designed with enough space with about 35 liters capacity assuring you to stuff three to five pairs of clothes, sufficient for a long weekend business camp. It’s even comfortable to stuff your fitness or workout accessories when carrying them to your gym place.


      The leatherette bag is water-resistant and allows a comfortable carriage during rains or accidental water splashes. Yet, the blue shade remains intact and unfaded. However, it’s recommended to use a wet and a dry cloth to clean the bag frequently for safe durable use.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Man Arden stands for its quality and brand – its stitching excellence is 100% shown in this Blue Duffle Bag. You have no chance to raise a doubt about tearing, durability, and shining. Its powerful stitching means and design efficiency enhances the bag’s strength, capacity, and ability to handle adequate weights. The lightweight empty bag has a great mended style for a splendid appearance.

      Get ready to pack this new-looking and brighter blue duffle bag added with whiter handles and straps. Its smoother pattern is exclusively professional and stylish, thus, becoming the right travel friend for your business trips. Carry the Indian-making pride along with you that’s pleasant, comfortable, and elegant at the same time. Guaranteed durability is all we assure with high-grade leather use to fulfill your long-lasting travel needs.


      • Composition: PVC Leather
      • Bag Style: Business Style.
      • Pattern: Textured Pattern
      • Color: Blue
      • Bag Size: 47*28*27cm
      • Bag Weight: Around 900 g
      • Closure Type: Zipper
      • Gentle Cleaning with Wet Cloth followed by Dry Cloth
      • Do not bleach
      • Avoid tumble dry
      • Do not misuse by overload or overstuff


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      Does the shoulder strap tear off?
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      Impressed by the versatility of this duffle bag. Whether for a weekend getaway or a quick gym session, its adjustable straps and sturdy build make it a reliable choice.


      From weekend trips to gym sessions, this amazing and stylish duffle bag is a versatile companion. It's adaptable size and shape suits a variety of occasions and lifestyles.


      The blue bag has a sign of hope and the texture of this bag is hard. My mother has said to buy a bag just like this as she found this bag useful and good looking, according to her taste.


      The blue bag has a sign of hope and the texture of this bag is hard. My mother has said to buy a bag just like this as she found this bag useful and good looking, according to her taste.


      There are plenty of zips available in this duffle blue bag which is helpful for carrying a lot of the stuff around without worrying about the space running out. I could carry all my clothes and accessories in this bag with ease.