The Royal Highness" PVC Leather Laptop Bag, (Dusk & Coffee)

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      Man Arden’s laptop bag collections satisfy the carriage needs of office-goers, students, and businessmen. This Brown-colored laptop bag will become a stylish office companion for men. It’s made with a high-quality brown PVC Leather fabric which is smooth, soft, and elegant as well. This one is a good durable-go with a standard ergonomic handle grip and comfortable adjustable strap. The classy brown shade of the bag brings a distinctive appeal to your outfit as well!

      Why not be unique with a brownish shade for your laptop bag? This one becomes a colorful accessory companion for your office travel. With a sufficient storage compartment, your laptop fits comfortably well on the padded base. Added to its feasible size, it’s a favorable preference due to dual convenient handle and strap basis, easy-moving zippers, and extra compartments. 

      • Leatherette-Makeup 
      • Comfortable to Carry 
      • Safe Enclosures 
      • Durable and Easy Maintenance
      • Ergonomic Handle and Stronger Strap

      Technical Vision

      Ideal Laptop Compartment

      The inner compartment of the bag accommodates any laptop model sufficiently well. The laptop sits on a comfortable padded cushioning base that does not get damaged even on journeys.

      Two-Way Convenient Use

      As the bag has two ergonomic handles and a long detachable adjustable strap, you can hold it like a briefcase and carry it over your shoulders as desired. Change the carrying way as you like – you’ll experience a painless carry comfort.

      Smooth-Running Zips

      The PVC Leather material is resistant to water, so it keeps your bag safe and dry even during sudden rain onset or water spillage.

      Resistant to Water

      The PVC Leather fabric on the outer surface of the bag has a smoother texture that does not cause discomfort even when held for a long time on journeys.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Man Arden is well-known for its high-quality offerings and this brown laptop bag is also strong, sturdy, ergonomic, and a comfortable companion for men. Its design is maintained with an excellent stitching base by finer two-way stitches, higher needle counts, and stronger knitting material. Availing the benefits of advanced knitting and stitching machinery, our laptop bag poses an efficient held and comfortable use without easy tearing and damage.

      This Brown laptop bag from Man Arden, with a smoother surface, looks attractive and bright to carry for your office or business trips. It matches any of your casual or formal outfits when held or carried over your shoulders. Arrange it as you like and use it as a briefcase or a backpack for a convenient journey. The stylish design accompanied by comfort excellence makes it an ideally suitable essential for students, businessmen, and professional working men.


      • Composition: Brown PVC Leather Fabric
      • Bag Style: Professional Design
      • Pattern: Smooth Surface
      • Color: Brown 
      • Size: 15.6 inches
      • Storage Capacity – 22 liters
      • Simple cleaning with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth
      • No chlorine bleaching and tumble drying
      • Do not bleach
      • Proper storage within a plastic cover
      • Do not misuse by overload or overstuff


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      Customer Reviews

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      Very Good

      Lots of pockets for accessories. Keeps me organized on business trips.


      Comfort First! The padded shoulder straps make carrying my laptop a comfortable experience. Smart design meets comfort!


      A stylish option that blends fashion and functionality. The separate compartment for laptop. The classic design apt for formal meetings or events.


      The dusk coffee color of this bag is revolutionary in this industry since this bag as the design is perfect when it comes to the most potential bag to make a good history and this laptop bag is one of them.


      The dusk coffee color of this bag is revolutionary in this industry since this bag as the design is perfect when it comes to the most potential bag to make a good history and this laptop bag is one of them.