The Rigid Replica" PVC Leather Duffle Bag (Dusk & Coffee)

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      A trendy travel bag from Man Arden is this Camel Duffle Bag that’s unique with a distinctive camel color. Its smooth-textured appearance draws characteristic attention to reach your elegant travel desire. The premium-quality leatherette-made bag has a charming identity too. Astonishing is its superb strength that bears huge weights, and a larger storage compartment for clothes, papers, or workout essentials to carry for business trips, official camps, or gym. The excellent travel companion can be your easy carry-on flight bag too!!

      That camel color’s elegance makes this new duffle bag attractive and different from others among groups. Its superb smooth texture even allows easy and comfortable handling when packing the luggage. Well-attached handles, that are hard and strong enough, enable easy carriage on-hands. Yet, it even cherishes your handy convenience with a long adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Coming to its quality standard – you’ll wonder about using it for several years – even if you move it everywhere whenever needed. The spacious 35-liter capacity bag entails the best suitability wherever men go.

      Enjoy the camel’s special appealing view of this Man Arden’s bag during your casual or formal, and occasional or everyday travel use. The stronger baggage essential is easy to carry, use, and maintain with gentle care. Absolutely perfect maintenance of the duffle bag enhances its longer use as well. Be that unique gentleman now by handling the awesome and neat-looking smoother and softer travel bag.

      • Larger Compartment Storage
      • Leatherette Fabric Use
      • Strong and Durable 
      • Superb Design and Color 
      • Water-Resistant and Easy Maintenance 

      Technical Vision

      Comfortable Design

      The bag’s design with free compartment space, zipper locks, handles, and straps – are all a blend of comfortable models. No matter you use it every day – there won’t be any hassles to carry and use it wherever you go.

      Durable Leatherette

      The leather material used in making the bag is strong and it bears the regular wear and tears. Along with a beautiful look, it also assures superb strength and better durability.

      Lightweight and Easy to Carry

      The empty bag itself is lightweight, and it does not add up to the weight of your luggage. Dual options of the handles and shoulder strap allow an easy carriage and boarding as well.


      The leatherette fabric is resistant to water and does not pose problems when it gets wet upon sudden rains or accidental water spills.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Man Arden is a brand known for its premium quality travel essential bags. This camel-colored duffle bag uses high-grade skin-friendly leatherette fabric for the outer portion and a softer comfortable cloth inside for a better feel when packing your clothes. It has superb stitching excellence that makes the bag durable to use – it won’t get torn, broken, or strapped off even upon rough and tough use. The finer and highest needle count of the stitches assures that the stitches are good-enough and dense for the best appeal and strength as well.

      The camel-colored duffle bag of Man Arden comes in a smooth and shiny texture, thus, becoming a great journey essential for frequent men travelers. It’s a favorite bold bag that you can use on all occasions – formal or informal. The stronger handles and carry-straps, comfortable material, spacious compartment, and elegant style draw men towards this distinctive duffle bag.


      • Composition: PVC Leather
      • Bag Style: Latest Design
      • Pattern: Smooth and Shiny Texture
      • Color: Camel-Color
      • Bag Size: 47*28*27cm
      • Bag Weight: Around 900 g
      • Closure Type: Zipper
      • Gentle Cleaning with Wet Cloth followed by Dry Cloth
      • Do not bleach
      • Avoid tumble dry
      • Do not misuse by overload or overstuff


      With what material is this bag made of?
      Does the bag have a bad odor?
      Can I wash the bag?
      Does the shoulder strap tear off?
      Can I use the bag daily?
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      Customer Reviews

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      Durability at its best! This coffee colored duffle bag withstands rough handling and weather, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. A reliable gear companion.


      Great quality duffle bag! When not in use, this can be folded or collapsed, requiring minimal storage space. This practicality is a plus for people like me with limited room at home.


      The smooth surface of the outer layer of this bag for the laptop completely contradicts the outer surface with other core materials used in them; they both are good on their own and carry the laptop with their safety.


      The smooth surface of the outer layer of this bag for the laptop completely contradicts the outer surface with other core materials used in them, and they both are good on their own and carry the laptop with their safety.


      This bag is the one I take on all my business trips as this bag has a lot of space to carry all the stuff I need. Besides, my laptop this bag can also be used to carry other essentials.