The Spade Jade" PVC Leather Laptop Bag,(Green & Tan)

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      Men’s complete essentials are available here from Man Arden. Its laptop bag collections are unique in shape, color, design, and comfort – this Green laptop bag is an attractive companion you should have when going out to the office, school, or business camp. Hang on the leatherette-made colorful laptop bag and experience the leather-richness and comfort.

      This stylish bag is an elegant addition to your formal or casual use – the smoother elegant texture of leather on one side and the vibrant green color shade on the other – make it a favorable travel partner. Its feasible shoulder strap of adjustable length and ergonomic comfortable handles assure dual convenient use – no more pains or discomfort now!!

      • Leatherette-made Laptop Bag
      • Feasible Laptop Compatible Size
      • Ergonomic Sturdy Handles and Detachable Adjustable Strap
      • Next-Level Comfort 

      Technical Vision

      Ergonomic Design

      The bag’s ergonomic design with comfortable pad, softer inner cloth, sturdy handles, adjustable shoulder strap, zips, and extra Compartments.

      PVC Leather Elegance

      The leather’s classy style and smoother texture with better strength and durability are the highlighting elements of this laptop bag.

      Spacious Compartments

      The bag has enough space to keep your laptop. There are more zipped compartments to keep your essentials.

      Strong buckles and zippers

      It adopts strong buckles and straps which are held tighter to assure durable use. The zippers also run smoothly.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Man Arden uses advanced knitting and stitching machinery accounting with higher needle.count, finer stitches, and two-way stitches. Everyday wear and tear does not damage the bag. It won’t get torn or stripped off that easily with the strong and standard stitching means.

      The Green Laptop bag from Man Arden is a stylish cum professional companion for students, businessmen and other corporate employees of any field. Its two-way convenient usage as a briefcase case and backpack with comfortable carriage makes it a favorable option for men. The bright color, smooth texture, and sufficient laptop-compatible space can 100% satisfy your everyday needs.


      • Composition: PVC Leather material
      • Bag Style: Professional cum Fashionable Style
      • Pattern: Smooth Surface
      • Color: Brown 
      • Size: 15.6 inches
      • Storage Capacity – 22 liters
      • Simple cleaning with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth
      • No chlorine bleaching and tumble drying
      • Do not bleach
      • Proper storage within a plastic cover
      • Do not misuse by overload or overstuff


      With what material is this bag made of?
      Does the bag have a bad odor?
      Can I wash the bag?
      Does the shoulder strap tear off?
      Can I use the bag daily?
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      Perfectly Practical! The multiple compartments make organization a breeze. A practical choice for anyone on the go!


      A reliable choice with its durable build and spacious interior. Great for office use or formal meetings. The adjustable shoulder strap adds convenience.


      The green touch of this bag is revolutionary, as this is why I am buying this bag for me and my son. He loves the stylish design of the bag with a good statement piece.


      The green touch of this bag is revolutionary according to me as this is the reason that I am buying this bag for me and my son. He loves the stylish design of the bag with a good statement piece.


      The item needed on a trip, can easily be fit in this laptop bag along with the item related to the laptop itself. The subtle detail of the green slide is a very important part of me in this bag.