The Lincoln Green" PVC Leather Duffle Bag (Green)

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      Man Arden brings you the latest trendy travel bag models with awesome designs and colors. This attractive yet comfortable green duffle bag shows the passionate leatherette design, style, and desirous comfort for men travelers. Availing the dual feasibility of attached handles and shoulder straps of adjustable length, it allows for an easy carriage all through your journey. Experience the comfort and appealing pleasure of this luxurious-looking green duffle bag.

      Move your steps towards the journey easily and comfortably – you don’t need to drop the bag down and shake off your hands when walking on a travel board. The bag has two comfortable handles that won’t hurt your hands. Its shoulder strap is soft and adjustable so that you can carry it as per your convenient shoulder height. The comfortable leatherette fabric and the unique green color craft a special attraction and attention for any travel event or occasion. Wonder yourself – you can easily find your bag among others with this distinctive color and brand. 

      Now, you have the right travel essential that matches your professional or classy style if you are going out for a 3-to-4 day business trip. The sophisticated appeal, spacious storage compartment, and water-resistant and odor-free leatherette composition offer you a high-level preference. Grab this bag for its featured color, efficient design, and enhanced longevity. 

      • Spacious Storage Compartment and Additional Compartment 
      • Adjustable and Removable Shoulder Strap 
      • Stronger Leatherette Material 
      • Water-Resistant and Durable 

      Technical Vision

      Good-Leatherette Composition

      Man Arden designs the bag with good-quality leatherette that adds strength and a neat look. It makes the bag so comfortable and durable to perfectly match the needs of frequent travelers.

      Odor-Free Comfort

      The leatherette odor does not retain with the bag, and it’s pleasing and comfortable to carry, use, and travel anywhere you want to go. This ensures odor-free comfort! You can comfortably flaunt this bag wherever you want.

      Lightweight and Easy Convenience

      With the lighter weight, the bag does not let weight issues during your journeys. Its shoulder straps and handles give a two-way convenience to free yourself for a time.

      Adjustable and Removable Shoulder Strap

      You can attach and remove the shoulder strap as you desire. It can be even adjusted as per your height for comfortable handling.

      The Stitch-By-Stitch Making

      Man Arden is well-known for its design and stitches power. It has powerful knitting technology and machinery that give finer stitches with greater needle counts to assure untorn and invisible stitches. The stitching attachment throughout the bag gives complete safety leaving no worries of breakage and tearing ever. With stronger stitching mends all around, it assures better carriage efficiency when packing the stuff or carrying it on journeys.

      The Green Duffle Bag from Man Arden is a blend of classy appeal – color and design, and handy comfort. It’s a great travel essential for men with sufficient large compartment space to fill three to five clothing sets to spend a long weekend holiday or business trip. The leatherette-made bag, which is comfortable and water-resistant, is easy to use all year with regular and simple maintenance. Our unique color addition added comfort means, and strong material definitely relaxes gentlemen who are always on shoes for travel every often.


      • Composition: PVC Leather
      • Bag Style: Business Style.
      • Pattern: Textured Pattern
      • Color: Green
      • Bag Size: 47*28*27cm
      • Bag Weight: Around 900 g
      • Closure Type: Zipper
      • Gentle Cleaning with Wet Cloth followed by Dry Cloth
      • Do not bleach
      • Avoid tumble dry
      • Do not misuse by overload or overstuff


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      Does the bag have a bad odor?
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      Does the shoulder strap tear off?
      Can I use the bag daily?
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      Lightweight yet tough. Survived a rugged hiking trip without a scratch.


      Tailored for active lifestyles, this duffle bag includes specialized compartments to keep your gear organized. Its lightweight design and ergonomic features ensure comfort during workouts or sports events.


      Fashion meets function in this trendy duffle bag. The chic design doesn't compromise on practicality, providing ample space and easy accessibility for my essentials.


      This fashionable bag is built with sturdy materials, ensuring longevity even with frequent use. This durability makes it reliable companions for my journeys.


      The duffle bag was the one my mother ever gifted me as a present on my birthday as it is the bag that won her heart to the extent that this is her favorite bag till this date and I loved it.